“G’day! I’m Marlene, the Murray Cod.

Welcome to Finterest, your home for stories about our
Australian Freshwater Native Fish!”

“G’day! I’m Marlene, the Murray Cod.

Welcome to Finterest, your home for stories about our Australian Freshwater Native Fish!”

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Native Fish Forum 2022: 6-8 December 2022 at Dubbo, NSW

In August last year we introduced you to our resurrected friend, the Southern purple-spotted gudgeon (Mogurnda adspersa) aka the Zombie Fish! When we last reported, 30 Southern purple spotted gudgeon (SPSG) broodstock were collected from the newly discovered Kerang lakes population for captive breeding at Middle Creek Farm and Aquasave-NGT hatcheries.   Since then, 13 potential
In the summer of 2018-19, after two years of low flows in the lower Darling Baaka River in western New South Wales, a series of three mass fish kills occurred near Menindee, resulting in the deaths of millions of native fish. The size of the fish kills was unprecedented, with millions of native Bony herring
The native Gaygay (Freshwater catfish - Tandanus tandanus) was once common across the lower Gwydir, but in recent decades, numbers have declined significantly and the species is now considered ‘rare’ in most areas. In 2015, during the Gwydir Long Term Intervention Monitoring (LTIM) sampling, only one gaygay was captured, and no gaygay were detected subsequently

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Native Fish Recovery Strategy:

Native fish are an important part of Australia’s rivers, and for First Nations peoples, provide a vital cultural connection. For Basin communities from Queensland to South Australia, fishing is a major economic driver, with around 10,000 people employed in the sector. Nonetheless, native fish in the Murray-Darling Basin are suffering significant declines. The 2018-19 fish death events in the Lower Darling served as a visible warning of the significant pressure currently experienced by native fish. We need a coordinated approach to recover our native fish for future generations. Five million dollars has been committed for the development and initial implementation of a Native Fish Recovery Strategy.

Native Fish Demonstration Reach Guide:

Demonstration reaches provide an effective model for river rehabilitation and community engagement, and valuable insights have been gained as part of the Native Fish Strategy into what is needed for successful creation and implementation of demonstration reaches, the challenges that exist and how best to address these. While each site and community is different, there are commonalities. This guide is intended as a resource to guide anyone from community groups, natural resource management groups or catchment management authorities, through to government agencies.

True Tales of the Trout Cod:

LATEST PAGES: Aboriginal Management | Wimmera & Avoca River Catchments History

Resources to provide a greater understanding of our rivers and native fish of the Murray-Darling Basin in the past, and help inform future efforts for restoration.

Take a journey with Will Trueman and explore videos, booklets and histories that provide a greater understanding of our rivers and fish in the past. This knowledge can be used to inform our current and futures efforts to protect and restore the rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin.