Kate McKenna

Tucked away in the north-west of New South Wales lies the Toorale National Park and State Conservation Area, a culturally and ecologically significant site. At the confluence of two ecologically significant rivers for the Murray Darling Basin, the Warrego and the Darling Rivers, the Toorale National Park and State Conservation Area were jointly purchased by
The Mid-Murray Floodplains along the New South Wales and Victorian border are home to some of the highest diversities of native fish species within the Murray-Darling Basin. Threatened and recreationally important species, like the Murray cod, golden perch, trout cod and silver perch, as well as wetland-specialist species, once thrived in the region’s interconnecting rivers,
Georges River Fish Habitat Restoration Project OzFish Hawkesbury-Nepean Chapter with Campbelltown Council have been undertaking Environmental DNA (eDNA) sampling in south-west Sydney on the Georges River to determine the presence of endangered species in the waterway.  Local volunteers assist researchers and staff from council by collecting water samples in a coordinated approach at various locations